Client x Expansão

24/09/19971.0.0 to 1.25.35Ultima Online (original game)
01/10/19981.25.35b to 1.26.4jThe Second Age (+ Lost Lands)
03/04/20002.0.0 to 2.0.9aRenaissance (divison Felucca / Trammel)
07/03/20013.0.0 to 3.0.7aThird Dawn (3D client, +Ilshenar)
24/02/20023.0.7b to 3.0.8rLord Blackthorn's Revenge (+30 mobiles by Todd McFarlane)
11/02/20033.0.8z to 4.0.4b2Age of Shadows (+Malas, new classes Paladins / Necromancers, custom houses, 5 resistances, item insurance, weapon abilities)
02/11/20044.0.5a to 4.0.11cSamurai Empire (Tokuno, new classes Samurai / Ninja)
30/08/20054.0.11d to's Legacy (new race Elves, spellweaving, new dungeons)
27/06/20076.0.0.0 to's Reborn (new client, new graphics, essentially new game)
08/09/20096.0.14.4 to Abyss (new client, new race Gargoyles, new places, removed support for UO:KR)
12/10/2010>= Seas (sea stuff, new ships, sea markets, pirates etc)

Antiga Magincia [Client <=]
Magincia em ruinas [ <= Client <=]
Nova Magincia [Client >=]

Clients a partir de usam o novo formato de arquivos .uop e não mais .mul.

Use o client para a expansão High Seas (ou mais atual possível).

Para a expansão Stygian Abyss recomendamos o client

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