Client x Expansão

24.09.19971.0.0 to 1.25.35Ultima Online (original game)
01.10.19981.25.35b to 1.26.4jThe Second Age (+ Lost Lands)
03.04.20002.0.0 to 2.0.9aRenaissance (divison Felucca / Trammel)
07.03.20013.0.0 to 3.0.7aThird Dawn (3D client, +Ilshenar)
24.02.20023.0.7b to 3.0.8rLord Blackthorn's Revenge (+30 mobiles by Todd McFarlane)
11.02.20033.0.8z to 4.0.4b2Age of Shadows (+Malas, new classes Paladins / Necromancers, custom houses, 5 resistances, item insurance, weapon abilities)
02.11.20044.0.5a to 4.0.11cSamurai Empire (Tokuno, new classes Samurai / Ninja)
30.08.20054.0.11d to's Legacy (new race Elves, spellweaving, new dungeons)
27.06.20076.0.0.0 to's Reborn (new client, new graphics, essentially new game)
08.09.20096.0.14.4 to Abyss (new client, new race Gargoyles, new places, removed support for UO:KR)
12.10.2010>= Seas (sea stuff, new ships, sea markets, pirates etc)

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